Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7

A Day Out

We had to go out today . . .L's first art lesson at Hobby Lobby (which he loved!) and karate.  And I brought the camera along! This is what greeted us and it wasn't done snowing!  It has snowed all day and is still coming down!  I think the kids were ready up for the adventure.

While L was at art class, N took a nap, we browsed Hobby Lobby and had some fun:

And I can only pass this on because I was carrying my camera with me!
Drivng through snow and slush, with icy wipers, temps in the teens and the snow still coming down, a little humor!?


Cecilia said...

That is a great picture! The light was red, right?
So glad Luke enjoyed the art class. I know we loved the art classes we took there- so long ago.
I must say I am not missing the snow,and the bundling up. Though the older kids were hoping for it tonight so they wouldn't have school tomorrow, cuz down here they would say,"That road looks treacherous, Ya'll!"

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