Friday, January 1, 2010

Project 365

This year I have decided to take part in Project 365.  Each day I will need to take a picture and I will try to post them daily (if not, I will try for the weekly update).  I really enjoyed this blog's 365 last year.  I know my pictures will not look as good as hers (due to the equipment and operator differences), but I am always inspired by her pictures and would like to try and capture some inspiration of my own.  I am excited and nervous about this - will I be able to keep it up? - will my pictures be any good?  


Alana said...

Great Idea! I am sure your pics will be great! By the way I love your new background and pic of the garden. Very peaceful and home grown looking.

Cecilia said...

You can do it!

Christine said...

Rita! You're are too kind and far too hard on yourself! Your pictures will be amazing and a treasure for you and your family forever! I'm so excited!
And I agree with Alana, your new background is wonderful!

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