Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4

We are back to school and Dan is back to work this week after a wonderful Christmas break.  Thanks to my brother for some beautiful flowers, we were able to dissect a flower for Botany.  We are using the Apologia curriculum.  We used their Astronomy last year and loved it.  Botany is proving a little bit more difficult because of some of the experiments and lots of latin!

Here are some shots of M waiting for Dad to come home.  M really enjoyed having him home for two weeks!  I love how you can tell he is a 5 year old that just can't sit still for very long in these pictures.

And D showing off his new toy!  This is a roller so you can ride your bike in the house.  He makes it look so easy!  I am very proud of how quickly he has been able to do this. 


Khara said...

That thing is awesome! What a great invention. I'm glad to hear you like Apologia. We plan to use those eventually too.

Christine said...

Day 4 and you have 5 pictures! Great job! I love the pictures of M. They say so much. And is that Dan in a beard?

Rita said...

Yes, Dan is in a beard, he decided not to shave during his vacation and I think it's working for him!

Cecilia said...

Did he shave now that he is back at work? I'm sure it keeps his face warmer.

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