Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 359 - Day 1

Day 359, Sunday, December 26th
Wow!  I've survived - another crazy Christmas and almost the end of Project 365!  Today was a great day to stay home and play with some of our Christmas presents.  This is L's - all put together! 

Playing Mexican train dominoes with the family.

Day 360, Monday, December 27th
Time to put Christmas away.  We usually aren't this rushed to put it away, but because we had gotten our tree earlier, it was time to!  The decorations were just falling off!  It is nice to have my house back in order.

Day 361, Tuesday, December 28th
Some of the best presents are the boxes they come in!

Day 362, Wednesday, December 29th
I guess this is how boy's bond?

Day 363, Thursday, December 30th
We watched my sisters kids so they could go to this restaurant - we had fun with all the kiddos, but they ate better!  Wrestling . . .

and hanging with Toby!

Day 364, Friday, December 31st
Good-bye 2010!  I can't believe my days actually came out right?! 
Bringing in the New Year with some great friends!  The guys were there too, but they didn't with the game, so we got to be in the picture!

Happy New Year!  I have officially completed my Project 365!
I will not be participating again this year (Thanks for hosting Sara), but keep coming back for updates and pictures of our growing family!  Hope yours is a great year!


The Bug said...

I'm sorry you won't be participating again - I've enjoyed meeting your family this year - but I'll keep you bookmarked so I can check out future posts.

Elizabeth said...

Happy New Year!

sara said...

Any time you want to jump back in you just do it!!!

love seeing your parents in your pics...please give me them a hug for me!!

we are big mexican train fans...I love seeing how everyone has a different set up to keep track of their dominoes!!!

Happy New Year Rita!! It's been so fun staying in touch through your pictures!

Cecilia said...

So when you say "growing" family, does that mean the family that you have is growing or the family is going to grow? Just curious :) Hope you find new joy and goals for picture taking this year! Love ya, Happy New Year!

Tori said...

Hooray we made it!! I'm sad that you won't be doing P365 again but will keep up with you!
Love the boys "bonding" picture!
N on the decorations box is too cute.
So how is your family growing? Do you have news to share?
Have a great week!!

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