Tuesday, January 4, 2011


You gotta love Lego.  I mean, despite the outrageous prices they charge for pieces of plastic!  The newest craze at our house is Legos - Ninjago!

Let me tell you how it all began . . . the week after Christmas, we received our *free* Lego magazine in the mail.  I use the term *free* because this magazine has contributed to the purchasing of many Lego sets.  In this issue, were ads for this new Lego set and even a pull-out poster of Ninjago!  How was my 6 year-old to resist this great marketing?!
Luckily for him (and for me), he had a gift to return from Christmas and came home with a Target gift card - to be spent as soon as the Ninjago was on the shelves! 
Not only can you buy the usual sets, but you can also just buy the characters and their coveted  legendary gold weapons!  In our case, this was great - my boys usually just want the characters anyway.  On Monday, M and I took a trip to Target and he came home with two (!) characters.  Once opened, the boys have entered a world of ninja battles and trading cards.  My favorite part is the battle cry to begin each match - "Ninja-Go!"

Let the Ninjago battles begin!


shell said...

oh our kids are so similar. we already have some too-the older boys handed me their wallets as they went out the door to school monday. :)

Cecilia said...


Tori said...

M looks so happy!!
Glad to learn more about these. Wasn't sure what they were all about.

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