Monday, January 19, 2009

Pregnancy Comments

So far I've gotten a few comments regarding this pregnancy which I just don't
know what to say in reply (or maybe I do, but I probably shouldn't!):

"Was this planned?" First, it's really no one's business; second, at this point does it really matter; third, you mean someone might WANT more kids?!

"Since this will be your last one . . ." Not entirely up to me, let alone the person asking!!! Again, you mean someone might WANT more kids?!

Any favorite comments you've received when expecting? Please share!!


Christine said...

I hope I wasn't one of those people...but I'm not entirely sure I wasn't! I remember wondering if it was planned but I hope I kept my inner thoughts to myself. ;)
I don't remember any comments exactly, but when I was quite obviously pregnant with Madelyn I went to visit my favorite high school teacher because we still kept in touch. While walking down the halls of my old school (which, honestly, I wasn't that far removed from) a girl came up to me and started talking to me as if I was a student. She asked me about when the baby was due and what class I was going to next. I was really embarrassed, but looking back on it, I shouldn't have been.
Anyway, I'm sorry if I said anything to you that left you uncomfortable. Just know that I'm super excited for you guys - and I'm just a tiny bit jealous! (I'm also secretly wondering if you're hoping for a girl - but I won't ask! :) )

Rita said...

No, I don't recall you asking that question! And there are certain people (you are one of them) that can ask that question.
What I would give for someone to think I'm high school (by my appearance, not behavior) now!

Cecilia said...

How about someone saying "Didn't you have enough kids?" This was in regards to adoption not pregnancy, but the same sentiment - I was a bit shocked so I don't know what I mumbled, but seriously, one is enough, two is enough, none is enough if that is what God had planned for us - Any blessing is more than I deserve, but I sure am thankful for all of them!
(hmm... I think I was there for one of these comments in front of a large number of people :))

shell said...

i have been trying to think what people said, but as cecilia said, i got way more adoption comments then i ever did pregnancy. and i will not go into those, people just need to keep their mouths closed!

i apologize too if i said something stupid to you! because i am sure i did, and i always try to remind myself that i am often that person when someones says something to me. that made no sense, but i don't know how else to word it. :)

Tori said...

I always got, "You know how to prevent that, don't you?" and my answer was always, "But that's the fun part!"

Colborn News said...

Now that you have everyone worried that we were the ones to spawn this post...I know for a fact that Nate asked you this, (sorry). I haven't had pregnancy questions, but just questions about when are you going to have the next, and my response was that it took us 5 years to have the first one, so don't plan on seeing another too soon. After 2 years and no 2nd child, the questions more or less stopped though. Just enjoy it, as much as you can cuz it will all be over in the blink of an eye!! (as I know you know already.)


It was so good to see you on Saturday, even if it was for 30 seconds! You look great!
I'll keep you in my prayers for a quick & healthy pregnancy!

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