Thursday, January 8, 2009

Update on Neti-Pot

Ok, for anyone who was curious, disgusted, intrigued, repulsed, etc. by the Neti-pot idea - it works! Yes, it was a little awkward at first and definitely not the funnest thing I have ever done, but . . . I feel so much better! I am sitting here with no headache, no stuffy head, no cough and breathing easy! I am not sure how often I will need to keep it up (I started 2x a day for 3 days), but I guess I wait and see when I start feeling all stuffy again! Who knew?!



Ok Miss Rita...I heard these work, but never thought much about it. Since I personally know someone who has tried it and it worked...I need to ask ---- Where did you purchase yours? I can't believe I'm contemplating buying one!! =)

Christine said...

LOL I enjoyed? watching the video the other day. I've heard of this, Rita. Did you tell me? I can't remember. Anyway, I'm glad it's helping.... I'll have to keep it in mind. Thanks for sharing!!

Rita said...

Jackie-I went to Meijer! You can order a nice ceramic one online, but this plastic one was about $12.00 and came with many packets of the salt solution to mix. And it is top rack dishwasher safe! :)

Cecilia said...

So, do you do the exercises too?
Alana is throwing a fit!"oh, that is disgusting , I can't believe I know someone who uses one of those. WEIRD! WEIRD! WEIRD!
(I guess she can be a bit dramatic!

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