Monday, October 12, 2009

Norah at 3 months!

Here is our baby girl at 3 months today! Note: those chubby cheeks- red because we have a fire in the woodburner now! that smile - brought on by brother Micah! that seat - a Bumbo, doesn't it make her look big?!

Had to add another in the Bumbo - this seat cracks me up! She seems to really enjoy sitting up and looking at all that is going on, but it makes her look so big! It makes me laugh every time she is in it.


Cecilia said...

She is so cute and chubby! Tell her happy birthday and give her a zerbert (if she likes those) from us!

Rita said...

She usually gets those from her daddy and isn't sure what is going on! She did laugh for the first time last Thursday - Dan was holding her and playing with the dog using his feet - I'm not sure if it was the way he was holding her and moving around or what he was doing, but she cracked up laughing! So fun to hear!

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