Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Luke just started attending Bible Study Fellowship in the evening with his Grandpa Gorbics. He came home so excited and had written down all the names of the kids in his group! He did comment on how big the name tags were! (BSF is known for their large name tags!)

Jake was asking us about the difference in what we believe and Catholicism on the way home from small group. Not sure if I got it all correct . . . He then asked "If they think they are right and we think we are right, who is really right?"

Norah has given us a couple of chuckles lately. Her first one was when Dan was holding her on his lap and playing with the dog with his feet. She started cracking up! I've gotten a few other little chuckles out, but none as good as the first - what a great sound to hear!

Micah is reading now! He is about 1/4 of the way through our reading book and doing great! I just love teaching my kids how to read!


Alana said...

I remember the big name tags!!!
They are huge!
That is awesome Luke is going to BSF.

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