Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 275-281

Day 275, Sunday, October 3rd
No picture - boo! Sundays!

Day 276, Monday, October 4th
We have recently joined a science co-op with some friends and this was our first project.  Chicken bones in vinegar!  After 3 days they turn rubbery - very fun, but dangerous?!  I don't think L really likes the results (or else it was the vinegar smell!).

Day 277, Tuesday, October 5th
No picture, but a very busy day!  BSF, science co-op, work! 

Day 278, Wednesday October 6th
Our history lesson today was about Egyptian mummies and pyramids.  Time to build a sugar-cube pyramid!  They were disappointed that we didn't allow them to use icing for the glue so they could eat them!  Seriously?!  Where do they get these expectations? 

Day 279, Thursday, October 7th
Karate day - and a belt test too!  It was a little tough keeping Baby Girl quiet and occupied.  Thankfully, a little friend was generous enough to share her new crayons!  Can you see Baby Girl's bottom lip sticking out?  So intent!

My favorite part of the test - dropping the old to accept the new!
Great job L!

Day 280, Friday, October 8th
Some of our pumpkin crop.  For 3 nights this past week we had a frost, so the garden is officially done, though I think we were all done about a month ago!  There is something nice about seeing it all plowed under and cleaned up.

Day 281, Saturday, October 9th
Happy Birthday to my mother!  We thought since she is leaving on J's birthday to visit her siblings in Florida, we could celebrate his birthday on hers!  What a serious group of boys - NOT!  J will be turning 13 on Wednesday!  How did that happen?!


The Bug said...

I'm with your kids - using icing for glue would have been BRILLIANT!

Congrats on the new belt.

We haven't had a frost yet so we still have tomatoes & peppers.

McCrakensx4 said...

Love the picture of the old belts on the floor by their bare feet...congrats what a great accomplishment.
What fun science experiments that provide learning through fun exploration. Never heard of the chicken bone thing...very cool. And fun with the pyramid bluiding..but I agree that frosting was genius! Have a good week.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Chicken bones and vinegar, sound like a science experiment, that would have been up my son's alley back in the day.


Tori said...

Love the rubber bones!
What a creative shot of dropping the belts. Way to go!
Baby girl needs to stop growing...she's looking so very grown up!
Have a super week!!

Christine said...

We thought the rubber bones thing was gross too. yuck. And I LOVE the picture of baby girl drawing! How precious!
I hope you have a great week! See you Friday!

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