Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 282-288

Day 282, Sunday, October 10th
Finally, a picture for Sunday.  I had to take it before we even left for church, because I knew it wouldn't happen otherwise!  Baby Girl taking Toby for a walk!  Well, not really, but she follows him around with the leash thinking she can.

Day 283, Monday, October 11th
This is how I live vicariously through my kids - by letting them sleep in when I cannot!

Day 284, Tuesday, October 12th
Enjoying the warm weather while we can - and discovering dandelions!

Day 285, Wednesday, October 13th
My oldest turned 13 today!  See below!  Happy Birthday J!

Day 286, Thursday, October 14th
What a little girl with older brothers gets to play with!  She was smiling when it came off.

Day 287, Friday, October 15th

Day 288, Saturday, October 16th
L went on the Ironhorse hike for cub scouts at Potato Creek State Park.  It was a beautiful fall day to be out!


sara said...

love these pictures of your kids...full of life!!

such a cute picture blowing the dandelion!!!

The Bug said...

Baby girl is just precious - but I think my favorite picture is the one with the helmet. The boys look so pleased with themselves LOL.

Tori said...

Did N try to eat the dandelion? She is just too sweet! I also love her in the Clone Trooper helmet...hilarious!
Happy birthday to J! A teenager, really?!!
Have a super week!!

Cecilia said...

Glad l is enjoying scouts and that cute girl is precious. We are missing you all! ( I keep typing their names and then having to go back and change it:o) Have a marvelous day. Love ya.

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