Sunday, October 31, 2010


Day 296, Sunday, October 24th
Another beautiful fall day and Baby Girl's first "walk" back to Nana and Papa's.

Mother-Son date night at church.  We made our own pizzas and watched a movie together.

Day 297, Monday, October 24th
Scout awards tonight!  L was really looking forward to it - until they mentioned that he would be getting his face painted like an Indian.  L has never liked face-painting, fake tattoos, even stamps.   Even at a visit to Chucky Cheese, I have to convince him that he can't go in unless he gets an invisible stamp on his hand!  This dislike is written all over his face!

Oh, wait . . . Dad gets painted too?!

Now, that is worth smiling for!

He even made it home with his stripes and didn't wash it off right away!

Day 298, Tuesday, October 26th
I have been spending a lot of time here lately - my part-time pizza making job!  Isn't it cute?!  Before it was a pizza place, it was a barber shop.  My father remembers getting his hair cut here when he was a boy.  No matter what you asked for, everyone got the same cut!

Day 299, Wednesday, October 27th
My read I have been trying to get through.  My brother and a brother-in-law suggested it.  Not hard to get through, just hard to find the time to sit down and read it!

Day 300, Thursday, October 28th
Baked apples from Kim!  Yummilicious!  Thanks for the recipe!

Band Fall Party tonight!  J and some friends . . .

M getting ready to head out on the hay-ride.  This boy can just melt my heart!

The older students getting ready for their hay-ride. 

L all decorated as a mummy!

Day 301, Friday, October 29th
Hubby came down with it Wednesday and M was the first one to get it.  You know this boy is sick if he is napping!

Day 302, Saturday, October 30th
Can anyone say T-R-O-U-B-L-E?!  Baby Girl didn't want to eat them, she just wanted to dump them all over the floor!  And her attempts to make sure she got sick (using M's toothbrush and drinking from two of his "sick" cups yesterday) apparently worked - she was up shortly after bedtime getting sick. :(


The Bug said...

I laughed out loud at the face painting. It's amazing how much more fun it is when dad gets to be just as uncomfortable.

And Trouble, I mean, Baby Girl - I LOVE how her hand is out like she's thinking, "What?" That is too cute. So sorry there's been sickness though...

sara said...

so many priceless FACES this week..the face painting, M cutting his eyes at the hay ride and baby girl's "who me?"! love it!

Christine said...

So sorry you had the nasty bug in your house! I hope everyone else was left standing! I can see how M melts your heart -- John and I have adored him since we had him in 2 year old class at church.

Tori said...

Hope everyone is feeling better!
So which pizza is better, the one at work or the one you made at mom/son date night? :)
Love the pic of the kids walking to Nana and Papa's!
Have a great week!!

McCrakensx4 said...

bummer about the sickness...hope everyone is heathly soon. cute pic of baby girl with the spilled something my boys would have done! and great date night with pizza making and movie watching!

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