Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 289-295

Day 289, Sunday, October 17th
What a beautiful fall day!  J raking leaves . . .

and my sister's yummy salad for small group.

Day 290, Monday, October 18th
I am so proud of my husband - not only did he accumulate 2, 487 miles in these shoes, but he was able to say good-bye to all of them!  Trust me, he has plenty more in the closet!

Day 291, Tuesday, October 19th
Baby Girl finally managed to keep a hair clip in for the morning!  See Mom, it's still there!

And, our first fire of the season!  Yeah for warmth!

Day 292, Wednesday, October 20th
For history today, we read the story of Joseph and made our own coats of many colors.  (Please don't judge us on our sewing ability . . . we just used what we had and sewed strips of on hand material on to shirts)

Day 293, Thursday, October 21st
Bought me some apples today . . . gonna make some applesauce, apple butter and maybe a pie and some dumplings . . . yummy!

Day 294, Friday, October 22nd
Yesterday, I went into the town of Wakarusa and regretted not having my camera.  So today, we went back!  Here was one of their fall decorations . . .

and this in the middle of town!  I love this little town!

Day 295, Saturday, October 23rd
Baby Girl having some fun (also known as getting into everything!)!


Kim said...

Wonderful photos! That first one with the son coming through the colorful leaves as your son raked... well, it brought back some memories of when my own kiddos were little and loved raking big piles to jump in :)

I'm sure the kids will remember the story of Joseph after completing their own coat of many colors. Great idea!

One of my favorite ways to use apples in the fall is with Amish style baked apples. You can find the recipe here:

Have a wonderful week!

Christine said...

Rita, I love the first photo of J under the tree. I could look at that one for a long time... it's so peaceful and beautiful and good. hmmm... I love fall. And apples are one of the reasons too! We love apples and everything you can make with them. Enjoy! Oh and I'm glad to see that Baby Girl looks like she's feeling better -- getting into things is a sure sign of feeling normal! :)

The Bug said...

Oh I can just taste those apples - they look really yummy!

Love the fall decorations - it's one thing I like about fall (helps me ignore the fact that winter is just around the corner).

sara said...

I agree with Christine. That first picture of J is wonderful from all aspects!!!

love the picture of baby girl with the bow!! my girl would never leave bows in either! by the time she had any hair at all, she was old enough to rip them out! ha!

apples....yummy!!! now I must go make a pie!!!

McCrakensx4 said...

Great week. I am seeing some many beautiful fall pics that it makes me miss my MI home and all of the beauty! Keeping bows in is a huge that she is pointing to it! And those small town decorations are great...we wish we lived in a small town. Hope you enjoy your week!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Apple Butter is my favorite!


Cecilia said...

Lovely pictures! I love fall. And I love the coats of many colors. Did Luke opt out of that or just the pictures? N is getting so big, can't wait to see you all!

Ladynred said...

Great shots you have here. Love the fall color and the baby girl having fun.

Tori said...

I LOVE the picture of J! Gorgeous, serene...priceless!!
That is a lot of shoes and even more miles! Way to go Dan!!
Love your Joseph coats..very fun!
Have a super week!!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Boy, lots of FALL going on in this week's pictures!!! Love that. So very much beauty and coziness. And Baby Girl is so cute in that outfit...WITH her hairbow. Good for her! ;)
Your husband's shoe collection is astonishing. You can tell him I said that. LOL

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