Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dayy 268-274

I am having a hard time getting pictures taken and posted lately, but I just can't give up on Project 365 yet!  This week has been the worst so far and I will definitely try and do better for the next one! 

Day 268, Sunday, September26 th
Yeah . . . no picture today.  There is just something about Sundays!

Day 269, Monday, September 27th
M has started taking piano now that he is in the first grade.  He had asked me this last year when he would start learning to play the piano like his brothers.  I loved how he just assumed he would, it was never a question of will he take piano or not.  This summer he said that he didn't want to go to lessons because he didn't know how to play (yes, that is the point of the lessons), so we started the beginner books to give him some confidence.  He was so excited after his first lesson because no one had passed so many songs on their first day!  He likes to practice (at least for now!) and enjoys playing.  I love watching him grow!

Day 270, Tuesday, September 28th
Happy Birthday Toby!  

Day 271, Wednesday, September 29th
Play date and school all rolled into one!  These kiddos are just along for the ride!

Day 272, Thursday, September 30th
We stayed home and did nothing!  We had all been fighting a cold this week, so it was our chance to try and play some offense!  Is that a good reason for not having a(nother) picture?

Day 273, Friday, October 1st
I cannot believe it is October, but I think I say something similar each month!  We took some time to celebrate Nana's upcoming 65th (!) birthday.  (This was one of about 6 shots!)

Day 274, Saturday, October 2nd
And again . . . no picture.  But I did spend a lovely day with family (which I brought the camera and then left it in the van?!) and topped it off with a night of work.


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

my son played the trumpet when he was in school so there we many trumpet lessons and practce session around our house.

lots of sweet little faces this week!

have a wonderful week!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

No sense in giving up NOW! It's already October!! Can you believe that?! Wow.

Love the piano lesson story. Very sweet. Reminds me I really need to get on the ball around here.

Bunches of cute babies this week!!

The Bug said...

Cute babies is right! I took piano lessons for 8 years, but I don't remember that much enthusiasm! Love the way Baby Girl is peering around the corner to watch her brother practicing.

Kim said...

I think it's those unstated expectations that often have such an impact on our kids... just knowing they will take piano lessons, or be in AWANA, or go to college... At least it was for our kids.

As far as always enjoying practice -- good luck with that one! lol But seriously, for us it took finding the right teacher to really get our kids excited. We were fortunate with the third (and final!) teacher who so inspired all her students. When he was about 13 or 14, our son said he wanted to be like his piano teacher because she was always so positive. A teacher like that makes such a difference! Hope you're fortunate in finding one just like her :)

The photos you did take are GREAT. Don't beat yourself up on the ones that didn't get taken -- we all have weeks like that.

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